I was recently told about a website called It is a really interesting website, and even just browsing it, I really took a liking to it.

It originally began as a website for political pieces, but later expanded to sports, science, economics and much more. I will focus mainly on the sports aspects as my website is mainly based on sports- wrestling.

I like how it is organized, and easy to use, it is very straightforward and simple. It has a changing homepage, so the newest articles show up there making it fresh every time you visit.

The background of the website is simple and white. I also liked how on the right side of the website there are extra suggests that are useful. For example, on the side, they have NFL, NBA and College predictions for the upcoming season.

The individual articles are well written and organized. I enjoy that there are links to other sites in order to learn more about what they are saying. They have a great balance of pictures and text, and are very informative but not too word heavy. They offer a really cool perspective on sports that I haven’t seen before. I like their take on the topics they choose to write on.

I would have liked to see more women’s coverage on their website, but that is an issue all across the world’s sports stages today.

Lastly, the text for the name of the website is different than the rest of the website and I am not a huge fan. I am one for cohesion and flow, and that seems to break up the flow a little bit.

All in all, I am really excited that I was introduced to this website, and I am excited to see what comes next. Especially as someone who hopes to have a career in sports broadcasting later on, I like the fresh perspective it offers.

Peer Review #1

I reviewed Rain’s website, and it has so much potential!

She discuses traveling, photography, music and feelings.

Such an interesting way to look at the world. How you feel wherever you are. I too am a big “feelings” person. I think that emotions should be felt and embraced. I love to feel happy and excited, I think it is ok to feel sad or worried. I also know that it is important to understand why you are feeling some way. To unpack those feelings we all have.

I think Rain’s idea of unpacking those feelings based off of where a person is is so interesting! Why do we feel safe somewhere? Why do we feel more on edge somewhere else.

I think combining music, feelings and photography also shows a type of experience. How do we experience things and places? By seeing, hearing and feeling. I think the combination of all these things helps to have her viewers to have a more all around experience of what she is talking about.

In her blog post “a place that will heal your soul” I really like how she spoke to getting out of the city, and going to her special place to escape all of the people. She explains how this place is calming, and she loved to go there to get away and be by herself.

I think Rain’s website is going to be wonderful, I am excited to continue following along her posts.

I am excited to get the experience!

The Map

For my website, I want it to be simple and clear. I would consider myself a minimalist (sometimes) with an emphasis on cohesiveness. I want it to be easy to navigate, and clear to understand.

I will make specific categories; one for all of my wrestling type posts, one for all of my PUB 101 process posts and assignments.

I also will be adding my Instagram as well to help to interlink my website to my social media. In one of my Communications class we discussed the way that data is interconnected, and how a lot of the time, your email, social media, and other platforms are all connected. We discussed this in this class as well, tagging, adding in links, etc.

I want my viewers to be able to see my website, things from my website wherever they are; Instagram, Facebook, any platform they are on.

My website will be mostly wrestling content, with other PUB 101 assignments intermixed all throughout.

I am very excited to begin this journey, and it’s only the beginning!

My Website

My website took some time for me to figure out.

So I first needed to do all the logistics behind the website. The plug ins I needed, the settings, etc.

The name was next. I know I wanted to use my nickname instead of my real name because it is way more catchy; the idea of Lolo. Lowdown actually came from my dad. I wanted to have a name that kinda went with Lolo, but still told you what you are getting. You’re getting the lowdown, the info you want, the scoop. After that I focused on the theme I wanted. I am sort of a minimalist, and so I wanted a simple but cohesive theme. I really like the color blue, so I wanted that color to be incorporated too.

Next I waited a little while to brainstorm some more of what I wanted.

The next part was organizing categories for my blog posts to go in to. I needed one for Process Post, one for Blog Posts, and one for Mini Assignments.

And now here I am; I have a few posts to fill my website and categories. I can’t wait for more posts to be posted, and to continue on in this class!

My Stranger Encounter

This week, we were asked to discuss our encounters with talking to a stranger…

I talked with my roommate. This encounter was interesting, because she was a stranger to me, but we will be living with each other. So this stranger, will soon not be a stranger to me. This stranger and I will be seeing each other daily; we will be in close contact with each other for the whole semester.

When we talked, we discussed all of the typical “get to know you” questions and talked about our lives. Our families, pets, all of the important topics. It was good to get to know her and learn more about her. However, it was interesting, when we were done, instead of saying goodbye -for good (as you would most strangers) it was simply a goodbye -see you tomorrow.

This encounter was much different than my online interactions. I was able to notice her facial expressions and her body language. I felt I could really connect with her; much more than I can with people I interact with online. I would say that I prefer face to face communication over online interaction.

All in all, my “stranger roommate” is very nice, and I am very excited to be roommates with her. Thankfully this encounter with a stranger was a good one; especially since I will be living with her for the next four months.