Peer Review #2

I reviewed Kenneth’s website and it was great!

Kenneth website is all about music and the emotion that follows it.

One of the blog post that I found interesting was the article about Lofi, Lofi is a loop of hip hop type music that can go on for hours. Lofi is very versatile and can be used when studying or just hanging out. I personally have listened to Lofi (before I knew a name for it) and I like to listen when I am studying.

Like Debbie Chachra mentioned in her article, when thinking of the community dynamics, “makers” are seen as very important. In this case, Kenneth is a “maker” because he made a playlist for the readers to listen to as well. This playlist is actually really good, and I enjoy it a lot! As a “maker” here in this sense, Kenneth didn’t make the songs, but he did make a playlist for the songs to all be grouped together. Along with these points, Chachra speaks to the idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

Throughout the website, Kenneth displays a modern vibe with a creative spin on it. As you navigate through the website, it is easy to find things, and pleasant to look at. The typeface is simple and modern as well. The course reading title The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, we read spoke about affordances being taken advantage of in design of a website. Affordances are the features that come about because of the technology that is being used. These affordances could be the global reach of technology. This can be seen in Kenneth’s website, because he makes it open for a lot of different audiences. It is easy not only to navigate through, but also allows for many audiences to access and understand the topics that are being discussed. Also, the customization of Kenneth’s website is very nice and that is one of the parts that adds to the good flow and vibe of the website.

The constructive criticism I would give to Kenneth is that there wasn’t much social media integration into his website. He could link his social media accounts in order to create more networks throughout the internet and make his website more discoverable. Another things I would mention is that there are not many comments on the blog posts that he has. I think if he allowed for more discussion on his website, and ended his posts in a more open way, it would then invite more comments to be posted. I also think that more comments would make for a more inviting and discursive space for people to participate in dialogue.

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