My Stranger Encounter

This week, we were asked to discuss our encounters with talking to a stranger…

I talked with my roommate. This encounter was interesting, because she was a stranger to me, but we will be living with each other. So this stranger, will soon not be a stranger to me. This stranger and I will be seeing each other daily; we will be in close contact with each other for the whole semester.

When we talked, we discussed all of the typical “get to know you” questions and talked about our lives. Our families, pets, all of the important topics. It was good to get to know her and learn more about her. However, it was interesting, when we were done, instead of saying goodbye -for good (as you would most strangers) it was simply a goodbye -see you tomorrow.

This encounter was much different than my online interactions. I was able to notice her facial expressions and her body language. I felt I could really connect with her; much more than I can with people I interact with online. I would say that I prefer face to face communication over online interaction.

All in all, my “stranger roommate” is very nice, and I am very excited to be roommates with her. Thankfully this encounter with a stranger was a good one; especially since I will be living with her for the next four months.

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