My Website

My website took some time for me to figure out.

So I first needed to do all the logistics behind the website. The plug ins I needed, the settings, etc.

The name was next. I know I wanted to use my nickname instead of my real name because it is way more catchy; the idea of Lolo. Lowdown actually came from my dad. I wanted to have a name that kinda went with Lolo, but still told you what you are getting. You’re getting the lowdown, the info you want, the scoop. After that I focused on the theme I wanted. I am sort of a minimalist, and so I wanted a simple but cohesive theme. I really like the color blue, so I wanted that color to be incorporated too.

Next I waited a little while to brainstorm some more of what I wanted.

The next part was organizing categories for my blog posts to go in to. I needed one for Process Post, one for Blog Posts, and one for Mini Assignments.

And now here I am; I have a few posts to fill my website and categories. I can’t wait for more posts to be posted, and to continue on in this class!

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