Legacy Series: Episode 2

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Episode 2 of our Series features Kristie Davis

Kristie Davis began her wrestling career after she tore her ACL while doing Judo. It was an easy transition over and filled the void she had while allowing her to keep competing.

She found much success in wrestling, and it did a lot more than just fill a void. In time, Kristie quickly rose to the top of not only the United States, but also the entire world.

Today, Kristie stands as the most decorated women’s wrestler in the history of USA Wrestling. By making 10 World teams and earning 9 medals, she was inducted into the National Hall of Fame in 2018; becoming the second women behind Trisha Saunders.

After competing, she would go in an help the girls whom her husband coached, along with going to school to get her nursing degree.

Kristie continues to give back even today. She is now the head coach at Emmanuel College in Georgia, where she coaches along with working at the hospital. Being around the girls and team there, showed her just how much she has to offer not only those girls, but also the girls all throughout the US She has also coached many US World and National teams over the years.

Kristie talks about the great times that she has had during her career, and even with the many setbacks she has faced, it has been one of the best things she has done. Not only has she accomplished great things, but she also helped to pioneer the way for women’s wrestling.

Thank you Kristie Davis for being part of the Legacy of Women’s Wrestling.