Infographic of Me

 Create an infographic that summarizes your online self.

I am so many things, but here are just a few:

I am a very loving and trusting person, and I consider many a ‘friend’. Along with that, I am very social; I will talk your ear off if you let me. I love to ask questions, and to know the ‘why’ behind things. I am very loud and enjoy discussing topics at length. I love to hang out with my friends, and I would for sure consider myself an extrovert.

I am a high performance athlete. I am a wrestler at Simon Fraser University. I have placed high at many national tournaments, and I am a 2020 Olympic Hopeful.

I am spontaneous and adventurous. I am definitely a dare devil. Sky diving, cliff jumping, dirt biking, I’m all in! I love doing things that make me feel alive. Though I am very organized, I love doing things spur of the moments.

I am a very optimistic person as well. I believe that most people are good, and that there is always a positive side to whatever happens to you. I think that we are here to experience joy and help others to do the same. Just because it’s raining, down’t mean you can’t have a ‘sunny’ attitude. (That was so cheesy)

I am very detail-oriented, I think it’s that little things that make up the biggest difference. The little things on physical, emotional and mental side. I notice the little things, shoes, hair pins, nail polish color.

I am a media manager. I love media. Of all kinds! I want to be a sports broadcaster or to be in sports media/media management as a career. I love the many intricate levels and aspects that come with looking at the media. There are so many nuanced things that are often overlooked or not recognized, and when they are brought to light, it unfolds so much. Media is a whole new world that is just being discovered, and constantly changing in the environment of the internet.

That’s just a little bit about me!