Integration of MEdia

Interconnectedness is important in the online world we live in, and often makes media better.

How often do you find yourself reading something online, and then you click on something which takes you to another link, a social media platform, and next thing you know you are looking at the owner of your favorite clothing company’s new dog he just bought…?

So when asked to make a plan for incorporating more transmedia integration into my online publication. I didn’t even know where to start.

But I am going to start small.

I use social media everyday. I often find myself scrolling through Instagram of Facebook when I am bored, or winding down from a long day. And I know I am not the only one who spends almost 2 hours per day looking through the latest on my newsfeed. So I thought, why not integrate the two. This website with my social media platforms.

By doing that, I will not only help my followers and friends on my social media platforms to find my website, but I will also help my website readers get to know me more. I post a lot of my personal life on my social medias, and by integrating the two, I can help to merge these two worlds. The personal and the professional. (Or more accurately semi-professional)

So, follow along! Keep reading my posts. But get to know me! Check out my Instagram and Facebook pages! I can’t wait to start this, and I will definitely be posting more about it as time goes on!