Gettin’ Money

Right now as it stands, NCAA athletes cannot be paid for doing their sport while in college. But that could change…

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation allowing University athletes in California to be paid for their names and talents. The Fair Pay to Play Act was signed at the beginning of the month, and already other states are looking to potentially do the same. This act will go into effect in 2023.

Right now, in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) athletes cannot be paid for the sports they play. They can receive scholarships, and funding from their school, but they cannot be paid for their appearances, advertisements or their image based off of their skills as an athlete.

So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

This could be a great idea for athletes who’s schools are not able to offer a full scholarship, to allow them to receive other money elsewhere. Often times too, with everything that comes with being an athlete, practice session, lifts, team meetings, they are not able to then get a job outside of their sport, so anything outside of what an athlete is getting scholarships from their school for would not be covered. Also, this will get rid of the under-the-table offer transactions, and it would create a free market, that operates in transparency and is consistent throughout their respective sport.

Some however, think this is not a good thing.

In an article by NBC News, the NCAA board of governors said it was “harmful, and [they] believe unconstitutional”.

This could allow for schools with more money to essentially “buy” athletes and pay them more money to come to their school. Also, it would allow for athletes in sports that are more popular; like football and basketball to be paid while students in the less popular sports; like cross country or swimming to not be paid. Also, this would essentially create professionals in a university sport, and while doing so, put these athletes on a pedestal above all of the other students at that university.

There are many different opinions on this issue. This could be the beginning of a new era of college athletes…

Will other states and colleges adopt this policy or one similar to it? Or will it fizzle out and become something that almost happened?

Only time will tell