The Legacy Series

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I recently started working with an organization called Wreaper Wrestling.

They are a company that strives to empower women in combative sports; sports such as wrestling. With a mission statement that explains how they “[aim] to inspire athletes with a cutting-edge brand for women’s wrestling” you can expect great things.

As the Communications and Marketing Officer (CMO) I have created and headed a new project called “The Legacy Series” that I am very passionate about and excited for.

The Legacy Series is a series of videos highlighting women’s wrestler over the years that have done great things for the sport.

Strong women, pioneers, role models, and many others that don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

My aim through this series is to show the wrestling community and even the whole world how amazing these women are. To tell even a little part of their story so that people will know them better.

Wrestling is such a diverse and inclusive sport in many aspects, and that’s part of what makes it so great. There are many stories about the legendary men’s wrestlers throughout the years, however, on the women’s side, we are lacking.

This is where I hope The Legacy Series will help.

These women and the things they did/do are incredible.

Their stories need to be told.

Head to Wreaper Wrestling on Instagram and Youtube to follow along.

Legacy Series: Episode 1

As part of Wreaper Wrestling, we are doing a series of videos called The Legacy Series. This project hopes to shed light on the many amazing women that are in the sport of wrestling and how they have paved the way for others and deserve some recognition.

Kicking off this series is Danielle Lappage.

Danielle Lappage is a Canadian Wrestler from Olds Alberta who found a passion for wrestling at a very young age.

Throughout her wrestling Career, she has accomplished many spectacular feats, such as winning Cadet Worlds, winning Canada Cup, taking silver at the World Championships, and becoming an Olympian in 2016.

However, during her warm up at the Rio Olympics, she ruptured her hamstring; she gathered all her strength and tried to wrestler her first match, but she soon realized that she could not wrestle.

Her next few months were taken to recover and during that time, she turned to coaching in order to give back to a sport she has gotten so much from. As the Assistant Coach at Simon Fraser University, she touched the lives of many, and eventually was able to get back on the mat herself.

After her first completion, the fire inside her burned brighter than ever before. She was on a mission, and that mission was to be the best. Not only the best physical, but mentally as well, and so, with not only a bachelors degree, but with a Masters as well, she also decided to go to Law School in Calgary. She continued to rise in the competition as a wrestler, and as the year 2020 approached, accomplished her goal of becoming an Olympian once again.

Even with the postponement of the Olympics, Danielle’s fire is still burning strong, and she now looks on towards 2021 with one goal; to be an Olympic Champion.

She is a great example to girls and women everywhere of accomplishing great things, resilience though trials, giving back to the next generation, and bettering yourself in all aspects of life.

Thank you Danielle Lappage for being part of the Legacy of Women’s Wrestling.