Goin’ Through Changes

I hope you read that in the voice of Charles Bradley as he sang is so smoothly.

My website was peer reviewed by Kenneth, and he offered really great feedback.

He mentioned that he liked the organization of my website, and that it was easy to navigate through. Kenneth also explained how he could tell through my writing that I am passionate about the subject, so that is great to hear!

However, Kenneth mentions that the lack of visuals makes my blog seem bland, and that the adding in of pictures may create a more cohesive, and all around experience for my audience. He also explain how visual images will help my audiences to engage with my posts more, and I agree.

I have added some changes into my website based off of Kenneth’s review!

I added my photos of my in my “About Me” page. Along with adding more photos along with my blogs post when I post them. I agree that adding in visuals and pictures will help to gain and keep the engagement of my audience.

So, I hope my audience enjoys this alteration, and like most say, change is good! And my website will “keep going through changes” like Charles Bradley would say.