I was recently told about a website called It is a really interesting website, and even just browsing it, I really took a liking to it.

It originally began as a website for political pieces, but later expanded to sports, science, economics and much more. I will focus mainly on the sports aspects as my website is mainly based on sports- wrestling.

I like how it is organized, and easy to use, it is very straightforward and simple. It has a changing homepage, so the newest articles show up there making it fresh every time you visit.

The background of the website is simple and white. I also liked how on the right side of the website there are extra suggests that are useful. For example, on the side, they have NFL, NBA and College predictions for the upcoming season.

The individual articles are well written and organized. I enjoy that there are links to other sites in order to learn more about what they are saying. They have a great balance of pictures and text, and are very informative but not too word heavy. They offer a really cool perspective on sports that I haven’t seen before. I like their take on the topics they choose to write on.

I would have liked to see more women’s coverage on their website, but that is an issue all across the world’s sports stages today.

Lastly, the text for the name of the website is different than the rest of the website and I am not a huge fan. I am one for cohesion and flow, and that seems to break up the flow a little bit.

All in all, I am really excited that I was introduced to this website, and I am excited to see what comes next. Especially as someone who hopes to have a career in sports broadcasting later on, I like the fresh perspective it offers.