The wrestling mentality…

Something that is often talked about in the wrestling world. But what is it actually?

It’s encompasses so many things, and yet is so different for everyone.

Ask any wrestler, and they will say different things, but the wrestling mentality is widely recognized at what keeps you going in this difficult sport.

There are so many things that a wrestler needs to do, and often times they are not so enjoyable. Characteristics like hard work, and integrity are relied on, but of the many values a wrestler needs, the main concept that stands out would be discipline.

Discipline encompasses so many aspects of wrestling.

In your nutrition in order to stay at your specific weight class. Having discipline to eat right, control bodily cravings, and fluid intake. Especially in practice, to do the moves correctly, and to be on time, to work hard. Having the discipline to do extra conditioning when needed. In competitions, often times, at a tournament, you are either a little banged up, or haven’t wrestled at your best, but you have to be disciplined to keep going.

This discipline is constantly relied on, and often there are two aspects that are focused on in the wrestling mentality.

Practice mindset and Competition mindset.

There are some who are “practicers”. They have a specific mindset and they love to practice, they enjoy working hard, and putting in the work before competition. They go all out and leave it all there day after day. They like the work, the preparations, the grind that comes before the competition.

Then there are some who are the “competers”. They live for the competition. They love every opportunity they get to show their skills and compete. To have all the eyes on them, the pressure, and the raw conflict that is wrestling.

Having this mindset is what helps to make wrestlers great.

One of the greats and as some would see as the father of the North American mindset started with Dan Gable. He can be seen as one of the founding fathers of wrestling in the United States. One of his famous statements was “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” This is because wrestling is hard. Practice, competition, everything. It’s tough.

Wrestling is not a sport that you can “fake it til you make it” Nothing is given to you. You have to put in the work. As once was said, “You don’t deserve anything, you earn everything.” This requires discipline, and a specific mentality that a lot of wrestlers have.

So though I can not define what the mentality of a wrestler is, and can tell you this. There is just something about wrestlers that is different than other people.

It’s what keeps us coming back day after day and loving it.