BC Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the oldest sports and has competitors who compete all throughout the World. Historically, Canada wrestling has had much success and even more specifically, those athletes from British Columbia.

For years, athletes from British Columbia have traveled the world and competed at the highest of levels. Athletes from back in the day like Carol Huynh, Justin Abdou, and even athletes more recently like Justina Di Stasio all have gone on to the world stage and had much success. British Columbia is home to some of these long time legends and is home to the future, up-and-coming legends.

These legends often having small beginnings.

There are many schools all throughout BC that have wrestling programs for both boys and girls, for all different age groups. Kids can start wrestling as early as 5 and may continue for years. In the High School teams division, athletes compete in the provincial tournament held in February every year.

Many athletes who have embarked on this lifelong journey that is wrestling are eternally grateful that they began. It leads to much more than just physical improvements and fleeting accomplishments. The province of British Columbia continues to allow individuals the opportunity to begin their journey, and these athletes are so grateful for that.

Though the medals and titles are short-lived, the memories and personal characteristics learned are lifelong.

“Remember that time we were at that tournament and…”

“I’ve met some of best friends…”

“I learned the confidence that helped me to get a good career…”

So many good things come from wrestling, and though it is hard, it is definitely worth it.

So remember, those killer practices, and tough matches are only for a short time, but the confidence, friends, memories, and empowerment is forever.

So what is stopping you? Join BC Wrestling today!

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