Injuries Suck

Yep, they suck. So much.

I recently hurt the top of my foot at a practice that was optional… How’s that make ya feel, going to an extra practice to get better, and I get hurt.

So I hurt my foot, went to see our athletic trainers, then I saw a doctor, and then another doctor, then to get X-rays. As I wait for the results, I have to try to put myself in the best position to be where I want to be.

As a university student, I still have to go to classes; I actually had a midterm today. As an Olympic hopeful, I still have to workout as I can; yesterday, I did some cardio on the Ski Erg (A machine that mimics the cross country skiing arm motion). But as a person, I need to keep a good attitude and not get discouraged.

At this point, it is still fresh, and I need to rest and ice and take all the necessary steps to help it to heal. However, it is the start of the season, so I want to wrestle!

There’s a fine line here; I want to get back on the mat as soon as possible, but my foot needs to be ready because if I get back into it prematurely, I could reinjure it and make it worse.

Now here I am doing what I need to do to heal my foot and stay in shape for wrestling. I can still do a lot of things that don’t involve using my foot; arm, core, neck exercises, etc. I will just have to work twice as hard to be where I want to be.

As it stands now, I am praying the X-rays show good results and it heals quickly. I am using positive affirmations, and trying to look at the positive side of things.

Now excuse me while I try not to slip while crutching home in this Vancouver rain.

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