Peer Review #3

For this Peer Review, I reviewed Maggie Chen.

Her website is called “Illustration of Everyday Life”. It is all about drawing, and is beautiful and simple. I have really enjoyed it. Maggie also explores the connection of visualizing feelings, for example in this post, she talks about how she just wasn’t feeling it, and the only visual shows how she is feeling is scribbles. I love that, it is so raw and beautiful. The way that she can put emotions into art.

Maggie’s website is easy to read, and fun as well. Her audience is everyone! She speaks very informally, almost as if she is taking to her friends. So we as her audience become her friends. Her posts are simple, and she explores many different styles of drawing; some look like they are colored pencil drawings, some look like markers, and some are even digital.

My favorite post of hers I think would be this one. It is called “Craving For…”. It is simply an ice cream cone. So cute and well done, and who isn’t craving ice cream? I know I always am!

The only thing is that Maggie’s website is very linear. There is not much connection with it and other things online. I would suggest that she adds in some links, or social media, etc. To do this would help her to leave more visible “breadcrumbs” throughout her blog, and then with the rest of the online world. It would help to make a better digital presence, and I think increase the amount of traction on her website.

All in all, a great website with good content. I like it!

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