My Audience

When I started this website, I actually had no specific audience in mind of who I wanted to read my work.

Now, as I have worked and written more, I feel I have the hang of it, and my audience, though still broad, has been refined. I now have a clear picture of who I want my audience to be.

I have split them into three different categories:

Group 1: Wrestlers/those who are “in the know” about wrestling. These audience members will be people I know who wrestle or who know about wrestling and want to discuss it more. These people don’t necessarily need an explanation of tings, but want to have a conversation about them. They like to participate in wrestling culture, and this is just and extension of it in the online world.

Group 2: People who know me. These people are my friends and family who may not know a lot about wrestling, but know me. Their knowledge of wrestling has either come from me, or the brief interactions with other wrestlers they know. They have either heard me talk about wrestling or been to a competition of mine, but don’t quite know all about it. They are still learning the language and procedures that come with wrestling.

Group 3: Randoms. Well, these people are those who just “happen” upon my website, and stay for a while! YAY! These are the people who are bored online and have been led to my website and found it (hopefully) interesting! I hope these people stick around and go from “randos” to “regulars”!

Whether my audience is a wrestler, someone I know, or even just a random person who happened to find my site, I hope they stay and read and enjoy! May this website be a place for discussion and learning and social interaction. I hope that we can listen to each other and grow as a community!