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I recently started working with an organization called Wreaper Wrestling.

They are a company that strives to empower women in combative sports; sports such as wrestling. With a mission statement that explains how they “[aim] to inspire athletes with a cutting-edge brand for women’s wrestling” you can expect great things.

As the Communications and Marketing Officer (CMO) I have created and headed a new project called “The Legacy Series” that I am very passionate about and excited for.

The Legacy Series is a series of videos highlighting women’s wrestler over the years that have done great things for the sport.

Strong women, pioneers, role models, and many others that don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

My aim through this series is to show the wrestling community and even the whole world how amazing these women are. To tell even a little part of their story so that people will know them better.

Wrestling is such a diverse and inclusive sport in many aspects, and that’s part of what makes it so great. There are many stories about the legendary men’s wrestlers throughout the years, however, on the women’s side, we are lacking.

This is where I hope The Legacy Series will help.

These women and the things they did/do are incredible.

Their stories need to be told.

Head to Wreaper Wrestling on Instagram and Youtube to follow along.

Women in Sport

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Pictured: Megan Rapinoe, Liz Cambage, & Katie Sowers

Women in sport.

Lately that has been a highly discussed topic all around the world, and especially today as it is National Women and Girls in Sport Day.

According to the Women’s Sports Foundation website, this day is to celebrate and empower women in all sports.

In all levels of sport, women are breaking through and making names for themselves, and it is mainly seen in high school, and even professional sports. Big things are happening around the world as women fight for equality, and make history in sport.

The USA Women’s National Soccer team was a big buzz months ago around the World Cup as they filed a lawsuit against USA Soccer fighting for equality. They are a powerhouse team and have been for years, and like was stated in this article, this lawsuit has “thrust them to the forefront of a broader fight for equality in women’s sport.”

The WNBA recently proposed a contract that not only raised the salary cap for players, but also offered paid maternity leave as well. This article speaks to the notion that the WNA also wants to help “lead the way” to help push for equality in sport.

With the 49ERs participation last Sunday, they had the first ever female coach in the Super Bowl. Katie Sowers is one of the Offensive assistance coaches for the San Francisco 49ERs, and according to this article, she had “always wanted to be a part of a NFL football team”, and now she is not only doing that, but excelling in that role.

Now on to wrestling.

In North America, women’s wrestling is THRIVING!

This article discusses how even though participation in high school sports in the United States is down, participation in girls wrestling is up by 30%. Even with only 20/50 states with women’s wrestling as a high school sanction sport.

In a primarily male dominated sport, women’s involvement has increased immensely, on all levels.

Against all odds, the women persevere.

Being a woman in wrestling is hard… There are many barriers that they have already and still need to overcome. However, there are many women paving the way for that. There are now well recognized women in the world of wrestling; Adeline Gray, Helen Maroulis and many others. These women are now role models that other women and girls in the sport of wrestling can look up to.

These among MANY others are the ones who help girls realize their potential, and help them to stay motivated in the sport. So today as National Women and Girls in Sport Day, we thank these women who have paved the way, and continue to excel so that the younger generation can do so as well.

We thank them, today and everyday.

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Pictured: Adeline Gray & Helen Maroulis