Captain’s Cup

February 13 and 14 will be special. And not because it’s Valentines Day.

Because it’s Captain’s Cup!

The Captain’s Cup is a Women’s wrestling event unlike any other. It will be a dual tournament style with Captains that have drafted their teams to compete for glory and prize money as well.

This event is put on by Titan Mercury Wrestling Club, FloWrestling and USA Wrestling.

The individuals who qualified the weights for the Olympics were selected as the Captains. (With some not being able to compete, and a little rearranging, they were set) The Captains are as follows:

50KG- Sarah Hildebrandt

53KG- Jacarra Winchester

57KG- Jenna Burkert

62KG- Kayla Miracle

68KG- Tamyra Mensah-Stock

76KG- Victoria Francis

Next, a draft was held of eligible athletes in each weight as the captains picked 5 other women to fill out their team.

This draft happened on January 23.

Now, we wait in anticipation for the tournament to take place.

This kind of event is historic in its occurrence, and will be a great opportunity to not only create publicity for women’s wrestling, but also create monetary incentive to win. With times changing, this is a huge step for the furthering of women’s wrestling, and just the first of many.