Happy New Year!

It’s now the year 2020, and how crazy it is that it’s already here. With a new year comes a season for change, and improvements, and LOTS of wrestling!!!

January is one of the busiest months for college wrestling on both the men and the women’s side. It is a preparatory time to get athletes ready for their NCAA and NAIA Nationals in the coming months; the work that is put in now is what will show later on at those tournaments.

One of the biggest tournaments this month on the women’s side is the NCAA and NAIA National Duals in Louisville, Kentucky. This tournament is one of the only dual tournaments that exists in the women’s division, and is great to showcase the teams and how they compare to each other.

Top contenders for this tournament for the NCAA division are McKendree University and Simon Fraser University. McKendree returns as the champions of this tournament in 2019, and will be looking to defend that title. They come in with standouts Alex Glaude, Alara Boyd, Kori Bullock and Felicity Taylor to name a few. Simon Fraser comes as a powerhouse school that has placed top 3 in the National Tournament for over 10 years. They too head to this tournament with some great girls to look out for; Alex Hedrick, Lauren Mason, Nicole Depa, Alyvia Fiske, and Emily Cue among many others on their squad.

Top contenders for the NAIA division are returning WCWA Champions Menlo College and Campbellsville University. Menlo heads to this tournament as the reining WCWA Champions, and fields girls of a high caliber to watch out for; Alleida Martinez, Gracie Figueroa, Solin Percey and Precious Bell. Campbellsville comes in strong as the winner of this tournament in 2018, and brings many good girls including Abby Nette, Charlotte Fowler, Katlyn Pizzo, and Kenya Sloan.

There will be a lot of good wrestling this weekend, and at the end, both a NCAA and an NAIA Champion. This is the first time that the tournament has been split into a NCAA and an NAIA division, and it is just the beginning of a new kind of college women’s wrestling. Good luck to all the teams competing!

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