Olympic Trials

The year 2020.

What’s the first you think of when you hear that?

A new decade. The Presidential Election.

Did the Olympics come to mind? If you are an athlete, it probably did.

As 2019 comes to an end, and 2020 comes closer, a lot of athletes have their eyes set on the Olympics. Even though they will be held in the summer, they are closer than they seem.

In our practice room, we have both Canadians and Americans competing and training to make Olympic Teams.

The Canadians have their Olympic Trials in 2 weeks! December 7-8th! So soon! They are currently in their prep for the competition, and will begin their taper in the coming days.

The Americans have their Olympic Trials April 3-4! So a little later on. They are currently training for tournaments that qualify for the Trials.

There are good and bad aspects of having the Trials tournaments when they have them. Having them in December allows for athletes to have ample time to get ready for the Olympics and to get mentally and physically prepared for the tournament. Having them in April allows for the excitement to be fresh in the Olympian’s mind. However, having the trials in December is not ideal because it is pretty early in the season and quite soon after the World Championships which were in September. Having them in April is not ideal because it is pretty late in the season, only 4 months before the Olympics take place.

No matter when they are, the Trials are incredibly important. The Olympic Trials tournament is the tournament that decides who the Olympian will be from each athletes respective countries. It is an incredible honor to represent your country in the Olympic Games. A feat not many get to do.

There are 3 teams wrestlers can make. Men and Women’s Freestyle, and Men’s Greco. For the women, there are only 6 weight classes; 50, 53, 57, 62, 68, and 76 kilograms. Six! Only six women get to compete in the Olympics for the entire country.

Many athletes have dreamt of going to the Olympics since they were little, and the Trials are the first step to the realization of that dream.

So as 2020 creeps up, the Olympics do as well.

It’s going to be a big year, and a great competition, but first, the Trials.