Real Life Superheroes

During the Final X Tournament this year, all of the Rudis athletes wore Marvel themed singlets. Pretty cool right?

You might be confused at the moment, so here’s a little clarification:

Final X is the last tournament in the series of tournaments that decide the World Team Members for the United States of America. This person will represent the United States at the World Championships at the end of the year. There are ten weight classes for the Men and Women’s Freestyle division, and ten weight classes for Men’s Greco.

Rudis is a wrestling company that sells shoes, gear, and other items that wrestlers would need to do what they do. They often will also create custom singlets, as is true in this case. Their company tagline is “Rudis. The Most Authentic Expression of Wrestling.” Along with selling wrestling gear, the company also sponsors certain athletes as well.

There were a few Rudis athletes who competed at the Final X Tournament, and the company made them singlets to wear as they competed; those singlets were Marvel Superhero themed. Each wrestler wore a singlet designed to look like a different superhero. They got to wear singlets of heroes they admired; there was Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and more.

These wrestlers are the best in the United States. So many people look up to them, and see them as heroes. They work hard, have integrity, and motivate people every day. Wrestlers like Kyle Snyder, Kayla Miracle, Sarah Hildebrant and many others.

“The Armor worn by our heroes”. This was the slogan Rudis used during this time, and how true it is.

Our heroes.

These wrestlers that so many people admire and see as heroes were literally dressed as heroes from their childhood. Heroes in the wrestling world represented by heroes in the fictional world. With superhuman strength, and courage as they do what they love.

I think that if the Marvel Avengers were in their positions, they would do the same as the wrestlers do. Work hard, compete at high levels, and motivate people. And I think if they were to meet the wrestlers who wore their singlets, they would be proud of them.

Often times we think of heroes as make-believe, however, there are many all around us daily; in our lives, people we are around all the time, people we work with, people we pass on the street. In my case, they are the people I get to see represent the country I love, while doing the sport I love.