You Need it All

Often I get asked what is best in wrestling; speed, strength, endurance…

Well, you need it all.

You need to be quick. You need to be able to move your feet quickly or move your arm. You need to be able to take a shot, and change your speed to finish it.

You need to be strong. You have to be able to pick someone up and then return them back to the mat. You will pull someone in order to make them move so that you can shoot your shot.

You need to have endurance. To be able to go all out for six minutes, then turn around and do that five times during a competition.

You need all that and so much more; stamina, quickness, and to go even deeper, mental toughness, honor and so much more.

Wrestling however, is as much physical as it is mental.

You need:

Discipline. You have to be disciplined enough to go to a tough practice and work hard every day. To continuously push yourself when you don’t think you can go any further. To push yourself and your practice partners so that you both get better. You have to stay late and do extra work. Be disciplined to do the little things. Be disciplined to go to be early and do all you need to to stay healthy.

Control. You have to be able to control yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You have to have body control, and be able to control where you put your foot, or where you move the person you are wrestling. You have to control your thoughts, and calm yourself before or during a high stress match. You have to control your want to eat a lot, or drink too much, and have to control your weight. Control your emotions after a match long enough to shake your opponents and their coaches hands.

Optimism. You have to have a good attitude for yourself and for your teammates. You have to look to the future, and to all the great things you can accomplish. You have to keep your head up when you lose a match, to come back and wrestle again stronger. You have to have optimism to work on your weaknesses, and improve your strengths.

Motivation. You have to be motivated to do all of these things and more. Every day, and sometimes more than once a day.

Wrestling is hard. It requires a lot from you.


It is unlike anything I have ever done before, and that is why I keep coming back.